Short stories, novellas, hmmm thinking aloud

So, I have lots of story ideas swimming around in my muddy, murky mind.  One thing I am noticing about CFS is that I have a really hard time holding onto big pictures and keeping details in my head, problem-solving and…just a lot of things that make it difficult to work on something novel-sized.   Even outlining I forget what I’ve outlined.

So I’m considering readapting my writing schedule a bit, and cutting down on the scope of things.  In other words, just writing short stories and novellas for a while.  I hit 12k on one project and am finding even its size a bit discouraging.

So I’m going to babble about projects and goals to adapt to this. The ones in bold are what I’m currently writing.  List of short stories/novellas goes like this –

  • The Ghost of Heaven’s Garden. 1k. Finished & edited twice through.
  • A Cautionary Tale of Love and War. 12k & ongoing.
  • Aji Dobi: Little Fox.  (Idea stage.) Possible prequel story to The Harvest Mask, set hundreds of years into the past. The story of a little farm girl among the Hu people who becomes a famous historical figure.
  • The Harvest Mask. (Planning & research stage, adapted from novel-size) About Iris, a slave girl who stops a political coup set in an alternate Manchurian China.
  • The Miller’s Daughter. 1k & ongoing.  About a girl who is confronted with a whole new future and chooses love instead.  DUE as a GreyJournal prompt on April 10!
  • Armenian Tale. (planning & research stage.)  – I’m adapting this novel to novella size, as well.

I think…these are enough short stories to work on. Lol.  I still feel THE WITCH’S TOWER novel hanging on me.  I do want to finish it, but I’m not sure if it’d be the most productive project to work on, considering the things I’m struggling with.  I mean, I do rather feel guilty? Because I have 3 novels started but unfinished.

So…how’s this for goals?

  1. Daily writing goal: 500-1k words.  But more realistically, spend ONE HOUR at least each day. So that includes days I need for brainstorming and research.
  2. I’m allowed to alternate between ONE short story and ONE novel.  For sake of variety and if I get stuck on something.  For now, A Cautionary Tale of Love and War counts as a novel because it’s an interior story in one.
  3. Finish The Miller’s Daughter by April 10. Finish A Cautionary Tale of Love and War by the end of May.

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