(Ugh, not good health day. Must… find distraction…or new body parts. Wanted: new heart and intestines.)

Does anybody else see something like this and then wish you were a faster writer because your current project is perfect for what they want? Yeah, happens all the time.

Also, irony of ironies. April 1st I posted my wishlist of extra content I’d like to see from myself–only to discover Mary Robinette Kowal wasn’t just dreaming about it but doing it.  This is why she is brilliant.


Mostly this is an update to say there are page-tabs of content for those of you subscribed to the post-feed but not checking back on the blog itself.  Also, testing to see how the facebook feed works. I know, boring. That’s why there are clickable things above!  Yes, this is what you get for my not having used wordpress before. I’ve been a die-hard livejournal fan since 2002.  Mmhmmm.


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