The Miller’s Daughter – rough draft FINISHED

AAH I GOT SOMETHING DONE. I love that feeling. Note to self: write more short stories, because you finish them more often than you do novels. Haha, go figure.

The Miller’s Daughter is done at 4,035 words for the rough draft, which is 35 words over goal, so that’s not bad.  It’s due to the GreyJournal writing group on the 10th but I got it done as soon as I could because I’m behind on other things…like my alpha and beta reading.  Really behind. Really really behind. (I blame all the paperwork I’ve been filling out for the government.)

By the way, if you lent me a book, all the above is why I haven’t finished or returned it to you yet. Sorry!

Aaaand stay tuned! I have 3 upcoming posts about the process involved with this short story, including a sample/extract/snippet thing!  (…Oh dear, perhaps my brain has died for the day.)

Posts hereafter will be scheduled for MWF, no matter what day I write them on, just because I don’t like crowding posts together but I don’t necessarily have the means to actually blog that consistently.  Yes, my ideas do tend to follow the “when it rains, it pours” adage.  Silly things.


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