It seems one of the first questions we want to know about authors is how they do their work.  (I find it funny that artists always get asked what sort of pencil, eraser, or paper they use, as if the magic lies all in the lead…and yet I find myself head-bashingly doing the same, soaking up all the details of the artistic lives of others.)

There are a few schools of thought in how to stay productive as a writer–either by measuring wordage or by measuring time.  Those who measure wordcount can have anything from 1k a day to 12k as a goal.  I used to be in this camp, until I decided that forcing my creative well to take a certain shape makes for more pain than gain.

So now I am in the time-measurement camp.  To keep myself to my goal I’ve taken the freelancer’s Time Stamp freeware and I clock myself, telling myself that I am going to work on brainstorming, research, outlining, writer’s block breaking, writing, ANYTHING PRODUCTIVE for at least an hour.  This does not include reading blogs or reading about writing, but must include anything related to the stories I craft.   I do this all but my very worst health days.

James Dashner is the first name I can think of off the top of my head who also falls in this camp. (Any others you can think of?) NaNoWriMo types fall into word-count goal-makers.

Anyway, rule of thumb for me is “time spent more than words writ”.  (Haha, I know, bad rhyme.)

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