Several weeks ago an older woman at my Church made an interesting comment about songbirds, crows, and hawks.  She cited one of Aesop’s fables where a crow wants desperately to sing as sweetly as a songbird.  Then she stated that in nature, crows in her garden caw repeatedly, and perhaps their squacking is ugly to our ears, but to the songbirds it is a matter of life or death. Crows guard songbirds from hawks. Though their cawing isn’t pretty, it serves its purpose as a warning to all other birds to beware that hawks are around.  The crow in Aesop’s fable wanted to be a songbird, but his role as guardian makes it so songbirds CAN sing.

In other words, we each have our purpose.

So I looked at my two-part prompt from 2007 which I posted on Monday, I looked at my new, completely different GreyJournal prompt given to be completed by April 10, and I looked at my notes from Church and decided, here are 3 interesting ideas. Let’s intersect and combine them!

What followed were 45 minutes  of searching, reading, mulling over what these people had to say about crows, songbirds, and hawks. Here is an interesting sample of what I found:

Crow FAQ

Crows vs. Hawks

An article on pigeons, crows, hawks & ravens

And then came 15 minutes of writing down interesting facts, tidbits, plot, story, and character ideas that come of it. All-in-all, an hour productively spent!

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