The End of the Maze – Introduction


Title Image
An experiment in graphic storytelling, 2006-07

GeoCities’ death in 2009 interfered with my schemes to archive my life on the Internet.  It came at a very unfortunate time when I was racing to prepare for my mission in Armenia, struggling to finish my translation projects before I left, not to mention saying goodbye to everyone under the sun.  When I found out, the first thing I did was archive as much as I could of one of my best friend’s work. She had passed away in 2008 and I was expecting to be able to read or look at her legacy whenever I wanted, but GeoCities had other plans.

The one good thing to come of the mess, is that now I have the chance to look back and analyze the story, why I started it, what drew me to it, and why I found myself screeching to a halt, suddenly unable to even look at let alone touch the project.  I never realized how emotionally raw something so supposedly innocuous as art could make you feel–even your own.

But now, 4 years later, I’m going to revisit it.  The short work has one very devoted fan, and I thank her for her loyalty to the story and for her patience with me.  For her sake and for my own, I’m going to take a deep breath and plunge in.

Welcome back– to The Maze of Mirrors.

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