And now we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with this announcement!

Oh dear, Dean Wesley Smith has convinced me to start submitting The Miller’s Daughter. So I did.

Consequently, I updated “Ideas Inside” page to reflect the various changes in my writing queue.

Oh dear. Joe, I just might blame you. :p


8 responses to “Submitting!

  • Joe Vasicek

    Hehe, nice. I’ve got to admit, Dean’s posts are quite motivational. Now I’ve just got to submit BSH–wouldn’t mind a push myself…

    • Laura

      Do iiiiiiiiit 😀

      I forget–are you still going to try the traditional route for BSH? Or are you gonna indie it up? You’re sticking to your shorter fiction for indie currently, yes?

  • Joe Vasicek

    I put up a few short stories just to figure out how the formatting works. I’m going to put up a travel journal next to experiment with photos and table of contents. I haven’t really shopped BSH around yet, and since it’s more important to me to build prestige than to get money, I’ll probably try the traditional route first. However, I have an idea for a novella based on the story of one of the viewpoint characters, and I’ll probably release that as an ebook before the end of the summer.

    • Laura

      I just finished reading the Genesis Earth excerpt–(yay free things!)–and it is GOOD, btw. When’s the next stage of the breakthrough contest?

      So why haven’t you started shopping BSH yet? Are you just letting it sit and going to make one last pass on it? Or has it been a time issue?

  • Joe Vasicek

    I’ve just let myself get lazy. I’m pretty good about writing books, and I’d like to think I’m really good at editing them, but submitting…yeah, need to work on that.

    I’ll find out on April 26th if Genesis Earth made it to the semi finals. I’m actually kind of freaking out about it, because I do think it has a chance. If it doesn’t make it, I’ll probably send it to a few editors, then self publish it while I wait to hear back…but I haven’t fully decided yet what to do.

    • Laura

      Yeah…I’m terrible about writing about stories I’ve just written. But I’m not sure if that’s the part of submitting that causes the laziness for you.

      April 26th! Two days! I knew it was coming up. That’s awesome! And yeah, I think it does have a chance. 😀 I went through and downloaded several of the other contestants whose descriptions sounded interesting and some had good premises…but the copyediting was terrible. And one was pretty good, but I still liked yours better. So who knows?

      But why self publish it if you’re shopping it to editors? Won’t that take away their first publication rights?

  • Joe Vasicek

    I’m not sure exactly how self-publishing an ebook affects print publication rights, but I’ve heard of agents and editors picking up indie authors after the ebook sells well, so I don’t think it would hurt me too much. With the way things are changing, I’m inclined to believe that that will become the new business model: after all, agents aren’t paid to read slush.

    • Laura

      True! They aren’t paid to read slush. And this way you could make some money off of it in the meantime. And if they’re upset by it already being “published” you still have other novels on hand to give them if they like your work. True. Hey, why not?


      Man, I’m excited, so this must make you unbelievably excited. XD How are you sitting still? :p

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