The Vampire in the Maze

Enter the Vampire. (Mwahaha.) And here we get introduced to the fantastical element of the story. And here we see she is wearing clothes that fit.

And here are the last two pages.

So the comic “serialized” for a grand, small total of 11 weeks before I reached an unfortunate end.  There were many factors involved in why I couldn’t continue. One of them being the simple fact that scanner access was rather awkward to obtain in my situation in France.  I did a few pages before losing the courage necessary to push myself on other people’s computers, scanners, programs.  Instead I took to digitally fingerpainting pages to pass the time until I could return to the States.

But my last months in France were exceptionally hard for me, emotionally.  I found myself in a dark place that lasted months, if not years after I’d returned.  And because of all the struggles I was facing, I found myself unable to return to a lot of the projects I was working on at the time of the trauma.  The reminder was harrowing. I just couldn’t deal.  But even as I found myself forced to abandon things, I couldn’t understand why it was too hard for me to continue.  I gathered up the last strength I had, finished my degree, though all the skills I was using on a daily basis to do so were every bit as painful as the rest.  I guess I streamlined and got through, finding new, unrelated projects to carry me through the difficult days.

It’s fascinating to me now, how creating can both bring bright joy or bitter pain. Life is so complicated–and yet so simple.  And all of that is contained in just a few pages of amateur art.

2 responses to “The Vampire in the Maze

  • Joe Vasicek

    Ah, man! Right when it was starting to get interesting…are you going to finish and/or novelize it?

    • Laura

      Lol. Today’s post will address the issue, but I’m glad it was interesting to you! *amused*

      A lot depends on if I can find the script. If I remember right, I left it tucked away in my sketchbook in Utah. I should have typed it up. It’s one of those things where I knew I should do something but I didn’t and now I regret it…So I don’t have it with me.

      I’ll get to Utah eventually. I keep saying that, and I feel a bit bad for stringing myself and everyone else along, but at this point I still don’t know when I’m going to make it out there. July at the latest, I think. I applied for disability since I can’t hold down a job, and now I’m afraid that moving prematurely will mess up all the paperwork process. >.< Ugh, I was hoping not to have to miss CONduit after missing LTUE….

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