Bonus Maze

A few bonus images. One is the screenshot of the simple website I made for the comic on GeoCities, complete with static watermark images and floating text, which I was highly proud of at the time.  And yes, the obligatory angsty-embrace that is needed for all vampire-human romances. *amused*

SO you ask, what now?  Well, there’s a few options I’m tentatively considering.  The first option is also the most likely–and that is that when I get back to the all the things I left behind in Utah I’ll have my script again I was using for the dialogue and pages and I’ll write a short story from that.  Another option is to get back to drawing and finish the webcomic as I originally set out to do. And the third option is to reuse my favorite elements of the story in a novel I have planned to write eventually. But really, there’s no real reason why I can’t do a combination of any of the above. The main problem for doing art again is lack of good scanner access in Utah and my extreme slowness at being able to do a page. I’ve never been a professional artist–and I haven’t done it in ages.  I’m much better at writing, so that’s probably what I will stick to.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Requests? Hate mail?


4 responses to “Bonus Maze

  • Joe Vasicek

    Yeah, you probably shouldn’t restrict yourself into thinking you only have to do it one way, or that you must only tell the story as you envisioned it when you first started. You’re a different person now than you were then, so it makes sense that the story would be different. But it does look interesting, so if/when you’re looking for a first reader, count me in!

    • Laura

      Yeah, there are definitely parts that I KNOW are going to make me cringe when I look at the script again. I already can tell I wont follow it exactly, whatever it is I do. But I’m curious. I remember being very proud of my ending, so I’d at least like to find the script before I decide whatever it is I’d like to do next.

      However if I don’t find it, I think I’ll stick to the novel-integration idea…which doesn’t have a vampire, but has something else just as fun and not as market-over-saturated.

      Anyway, rambling. I’m glad you’re willing! I will keep you in mind. 😀

  • Joe Vasicek

    I don’t think you should worry too much about the market being over-saturated. People have been saying that for almost the entire last decade, and yet the PNR sub-genre is still booming. And even if it is a bubble, if the vampire is what works best for your story, then your story will do better with it than without.

    If you cut out the vampire because you think the market is over-saturated, you’re “writing for the market” just as much as those who write crappy PNR just to sell.

    • Laura

      Maybe “writing in response to the market” would work better. *amused* Though I agree, if I’m doing it “just because of xyz” then I’m not doing it for the right reasons. What actually happened was that I had a novel idea in my gods&witches world that was working really well…and then I discovered that throwing Maze of Mirrors into the mix would make it exponentially better…only the vampire didn’t fit and would be completely random. But having one of my god-characters fill the role actually gave it a nice spin that has one of those delicious zings to it that feels really right. Even if I do miss the vampire element to the story.

      So I might cheat, write it as a short story with a vampire and then pray the audience reading my short stories and those reading my novels don’t intersect. :p There would actually be enough time in between the two where it might not really matter, considering the novel idea is the prequel to the novel I’m currently chipping away at. And I am sloooow with CFS.

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