April Miracles, May Goals

Some writing-related miracles this month.

  1. Finished writing The Miller’s Daughter on time. (April 10)
  2. Finished beta-reading Joe’s novel on time. (April 15)
  3. Started submitting The Miller’s Daughter. (April 21)

All hard and miraculous with CFS. I’m really grateful.  And yes, just enjoying the Easter season.

And for my own curiosity, since February I’ve written approximately 16k of new material and have worked 48 hours on writing, editing, and researching, (not including alpha/beta reading).  Lol. Piddling statistics there. Oooh, CFS.

– – –

Some brief goals for May.

  1. Finish A Cautionary Tale of Love and War by the end of May.  I’ve been working on it since February at least and it’s still not done.  Originally I’d wanted the novel it belongs to to be done by May, but that’s when I was thinking I could do 1k a day everyday realistically. I just recalculated for a new goal of finishing the novel by the end of July.  Let’s hope I can make it.
  2. Get up to writing 2 hours a day as my norm. This is a CFS self-management/stamina thing. Right now my max is 1.5 hours.
  3. Start The Harvest Mask, hopefully finish it, too. I’m not foreseeing it becoming a novella monstrosity. Hopefully.  Either this one or the Armenian tale I’ve been thinking about.  I should actually decide what it is I want to work on as a side project.  Chinese or Armenian? Hmmm.  It might be better to work on the Armenian story first, since I was in Armenia recently and don’t want to forget any more than I have…. But The Harvest Mask has a plot and is closer to being ready to work on.
  4. Continue scheduling posts for MWF. Though it seems Fridays are the most active days, so if nothing else I’ll try to have a weekly post.  The Maze of Mirrors week-long post series was rather fun to do. Maybe I can find something similar?  I’ll try not to spam anyone’s RSS feeds, though. Promise!

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