For your browsing pleasure–

Have some interesting links!

Don’t be shabby, be inspiring instead! Brad R. Torgersen’s post about respecting readers and editors–and about our responsibility as writers to inspire. Art has the power to impact lives. That’s what I want to do. I also found his The game has changed? post interesting, about the new market niche for novellas as e-books.

Sherwood Smith continuing the conversation on romance fiction with Romance novels and the dogpoo filter.

Holly Black’s pep talk is also quite good, which I found through her open Q&A session on Goodreads.  Yes, I did eventually succumb to my fan-love for Holly and post a question or two.

Also, Faith Erin Hicks, my favorite graphic novelist, has an awesome announcement.

– – –

Other than that on Wednesday I tried to do a writing marathon experiment.  This was probably a bad decision.

  1. Didn’t write much more than I normally do. Normal: 500-700 words. Wednesday: ~1500 words. (Okay, that’s maybe more than usual, BUT. Still a puddle!)
  2. Hated my writing by the end.
  3. Dizzy, sick, pain, blargh body.

Worth it? Probably not. Note to self: Patience is a virtue for a reason!


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