World Culture and The Single Story

If you haven’t already, I would ask you to head over to Stacy Whitman’s post Chimamanda Adichi: The Dangers of a Single Story.   It’s a twenty minute speech that a Nigerian authoress gives–and well worth your time.  Inspiring and insightful. (Click on the link or watch it below).

Afterwards I’d suggest you head on over to Kalli and Jacob’s travel blog.  Ever since they got married a few years ago they’ve been traveling the world, living off their own entrepreneurship and integrating themselves into various cultures and places for months at a time better than anyone else I know.  If you’re interested in seeing the world through a non-public media perspective, I’d highly recommend what they have to say.

I’ve been working on writing down as much as I can remember about Armenia’s culture and history, so these sorts of questions and attitudes have been on my mind.  I don’t want to rehash anything from the huge RaceFail debate of 2009, but links like this one are important to remember.


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