One last example on male/female relationships before I switch topics completely.

This past week I watched Inception and realized that one of my favorite things about the story is Ariadne’s and Cobb’s relationship.  It’s non-romantic but absolutely essential to the plot, to discovering Cobb’s past, and to helping him overcome his difficulties and break free from his downward spiral.  And you know what? Arthur wouldn’t have been able to help him.  Arthur knew something was wrong, but he didn’t have the skills to help Cobb. Ariadne did.  Her feminine curiosity and compassion were what was needed, rather than Arthur’s much more masculine version of the same.

Fascinating.  You should rewatch the movie and keep your eyes open for it. Go, go! I just gave you an excuse. 😉


One response to “Inception.

  • Joe Vasicek

    Inception is awesome on so many levels. It gets even crazier if you think of all the characters as projections of Cobb’s subconscious. What would that make Ariadne then? His anima? I have no idea; it (almost) makes me wish I’d studied psychology.

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