New Shared World

Collaboration.  Most would advise against it, mostly because it is hard to have the kind of trust and humility to work with another author, to share ideas and be open to tampering.  In a way, though, traditional publishing is all about collaboration. The writer writes, the editor collaborates, gives feedback, etc.   Shared worlds are another form of collaboration. Recently the Borderlands shared world from the 80s and 90s has resurrected, which I think is awesome.

I really like collaboration.  When not writing by myself, I am writing with others.  In fact, percentage-wise I spend more time writing with others than I do on my own projects.   I am making a post about it now because my friend M Williams and I just started a joint project in honor of our mutual best friend who passed away after a long battle with cancer in 2008.  I’ve been looking for a way to pay tribute to her, her writing, her characters–and what’s more, a way to keep her alive in memory, to understand where she is now, and to give her characters new breath and immortality without writing them myself.

I’ve also been looking for a good way to deal with my craving to write science fiction.  The Harvest Mask is technically SF but the SF elements are so minimal it occupies the same spot as fantasy does on my taste buds.   I really want to begin my novel OTHERSIDE again which is very thoroughly SF, but I promised myself I would finish THE WITCH’S TOWER first.

Well, I’ve found it.  I’ve found the answer to the puzzle.  I shared the idea with Meg and she’s jumped on the project, so now it is a shared world.  This will be a long term thing, we probably won’t be able to get anything publicly produced for a while.  But something new is born today, an idea has taken root. And where there are roots, something will grow.

I am really, really excited.  This is going to be awesome.

Sarah, this is for you.


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