So these past couple weeks I’ve been burnt out.  Too many projects, too much strain on my limited health&bodily resources, too much attempting to “push through” and “get things done”.

Of course, I know full well that I have limited resources, that I should take breaks (the definition of a “break” changes when you can only “work” an hour or two a day), work slow-but-steady, simply live, breathe, and not live off a checklist or by tasks or deadlines. There’s more to life than discipline and work ethic and items accomplished.  I also know full well to let go of the hundreds of things I no longer have control of–and maybe never did in the first place. (Yeah, unlearning the lessons school teaches about how to live life. Life is more than task lists, more than working hard, more than pushing through to the end and collapsing in a heap.  Life is a marathon of happiness, not a sprint of (grim?) determination.)

But the lessons learned and the implementation of the things CFS is teaching me about life are completely different things.

Hence how we’ve caught up to my backlog of pre-written posts and my hesitation to post what I’ve got. Sheer exhaustion, woo.  Who knew having opinions and imposing schedules could be so tiring?

This is all build-up to say,

Mette Ivie Harrison had an interesting and somewhat related post on trying too hard.

You don’t need to work harder. You need to work smarter. After you’ve rested and relaxed and remembered what it is that writing[/life?] is about, anyway.


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