Center for the Study of Science-Fiction

It’s always interesting to see which posts get the most public attention. I write them all for myself, of course, and anyone willing to listen, but though my previous post had perhaps the golden nugget for a hard-earned secret to happiness in it, it received the fewest views and smallest amount of attention.   I probably killed it with my title, though it was the truth.

Otherwise, I’ve been making some progress on my Hugo Awards nominations reading. I’m still on track to finish in time to vote for the categories I’d like to vote in. CSSF starts this week (not to be confused with CFS my illness :p), in conjunction with the Campbell Awards presented here in Kansas.  A writing buddy of mine will be attending again this year, and who knows, I may be able to tag along now and then.  She’s taking off work for a few weeks and we’ve figured out a writing schedule together that hopefully won’t be too exhausting, as well, so we shall see!

Also…my novella A Cautionary Tale of Love and War is now over the 25k limit for print magazines to publish it. Oops.  So I’ve stopped worrying about word count and from now on I’m just going to write the story the way that feels right to tell it as opposed to having a constant inner battle about length vs. story.   So that’s been fairly liberating.   It makes up Part 2 of my novel, but can stand on its own.   I was hoping to publish it separately. I was also hoping to get it done by the end of May, but that didn’t happen either.

Haha, oops?

But to give M Williams’ and my SF shared world a test run and to prove to myself that I can still write short fiction that is actually short, I wrote a 2k short story.  It’s rather rough since I’m not super comfortable writing in our world yet, but I’m letting it lie for now, then next week I’ll revise it and turn it in to my writing group.


2 responses to “Center for the Study of Science-Fiction

  • Debbie

    Hi! I’ve been thinking about your comment and I’m thinking readers might not be commenting on your last post as they are looking at their own to-do lists and trying to figure out what is truly important to them and what can be culled from that never ending list.

    • Laura

      Haha, that’s true. I don’t need comments! I don’t mind people not commenting here as sometimes people drop a word by on facebook notifications, on IM, or in person. There was just a sharp drop in page views for that post. There’s a pageview tracker feature in wordpress that allows me to see which are the most-read, most-popular posts. So I knew that the particular post was only read a few times and it got me wondering and I confess it made me a little sad, considering the contents were personal and the lessons in it hard-earned.

      But thanks for thinking about me! Feel free to stop by now and then, but don’t feel pressured. I know how busy life gets. ❤

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