Myth-Busters for Writers

So a friend of mine from my freshman year of college has an awesome blog called Belief Suspenders where she is going to be experimenting with tons of different things, such as her latest entry where she breaks a lot of bottles in the hopes of writing a realistic fight scene and posted her results via youtube.  If you’re a writer, or if you like the show Myth Busters, or you’re interested in realism in general, you should check out her blog.

Also, I am soooo close with finishing up revising Decision at World’s End. Soooooo close it’s painful.  Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this last go-through today and then I’ll be able to start submitting it either by tonight or tomorrow.  So I’ll have two stories on submission. Exciting!   As for The Miller’s Daughter, it’s part of the third quarter entries for Writer’s of the Future contest and the second quarter results just came back this week, so I have a while yet until I hear back from them.

As for my Hugo Award nominations reading, I’ve finished reading all the short stories and novelettes and I’m working on reading novellas.  It’s been rather fun so far, though my two thoughts have been that sometimes pacing has been rather weird and seems to be a consistent problem short fiction writers struggle with AND that there have been enough stories among the list that disgust me with the treatment of purely carnal/objectified or disrespectful sexuality that I am beginning to despair for our species.  Come on, guys.


2 responses to “Myth-Busters for Writers

  • TansyRagwort

    Hey! Thanks for the blog promotion! Super sweet of you! Good luck with your subs. You querying agents or editors or journals?

    • Laura

      No problem! 😀

      I’ve submitted one short story to the Writers of the Future contest and I’ve submitted another to Clarkesworld Magazine, and I am waiting to hear back from them! I don’t have anything novel-length finished yet. I am writing one currently, but whenever I need a break or whenever the urge hits I seem to write a short story, hehe.

      How goes your submission process so far?

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