Publishers’ Marketplace

Publishers’ Marketplace has a very good promotional deal where if you sign-up now, they won’t bill you till July 5. So if you want to check out their site for free this weekend–which if you are an aspiring writer, I highly encourage it–do so now.  Just sayin’.

I’ve nabbed a lot of useful industry information and found a list of forthcoming books I am excited to read!


2 responses to “Publishers’ Marketplace

  • Niki Smith

    I don’t have the money for PM (wish I did), but I found this RSS feed somehow:
    And it gives quite a bit of the info you’d get through a subscription. It doesn’t list “Very good deal” stuff, but it’s still better than nothing for me. 🙂

    • Laura

      Well, you can look and grab all the things you might want this weekend for free? But thanks for the feed! For the past few years I’ve just been subscribed to the Publisher’s Lunch free e-mails, but there’s a whole lot of other useful things that I haven’t had access to until this weekend. Just remember to cancel before Tuesday and you’re good. 😀

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