Literary Mature Content Labels

It’s been noted that movies, video and computer games have content warning labels but books do not.  There are of course the shrink wrapped graphic novels and the books specifically shelved in the “erotica” section, but beyond that, readers are free to stumble into whatever content an author decides to write into a story.

With that, I’d like to thank Daily Science Fiction for taking the responsibility, foresight and care to issue the following warning for their July 8th story:

We have included a warning with this story. Here be descriptions of violence (though the dastardly act is committed off-camera), here be sex and sexuality, here be some feel for actual life, complete with the grit underneath the fingernails and crud betwixt the toes.
It’s a tricky thing. Somehow it feels a touch more intimate to send fiction into your email box than to put it on a website or even in a magazine–thanks to a few of you who emailed to emphasize the point. We won’t shirk from sending you the best possible stories (in our estimation), but we also don’t wish to offend your sensibilities. So we write longwinded intros like this one to give you plenty of chance to walk away, even though we hope you’ll plow through and enjoy this story….
-Michele and Jonathan

I hope more will follow in their footsteps. (Please note that this is not “banning” or “censorship”. They still sent me the story.)


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