July Summary

So I know that it’s not the end of July yet, but my health is so wonky that I don’t think I’ll be doing anything significant in the next few days, writing-wise. I’m also preparing to move next week. So! Without further ado.

July numbers:

Hours spent: 16

Wordcount produced: 4.2k

Wow, pitiful at first glance, isn’t it?  It will help to know that I’ve reached the part of the novel(la) that intersects with its prequel OF GODS & WITCHES, so I needed to flesh out more of the prequel’s details.  This section also builds up to the climax and climactic battle and I need to get some more fighting/magic mechanics set in stone, map out who is doing what where, and just–well, there’s a lot of meta work and fight scene choreography.  Good stuff, good stuff–but slow stuff, considering these days I have a hard time visualizing things.  An unexpected set-back, but a necessary one.

So, writing-wise, I’ve spent the month working on THE WITCH’S TOWER (and its interior story A Cautionary Tale of Love and War), working out more of what happens in the prequel OF GODS & WITCHES, and more nitty-gritty world-building.

As a break when needed and also in preparation to move, I’ve spent some time on the 1810 France historical fiction, as well, going through some of the textbooks that are here and seeing how worth it they are to take with me.  And of course, research for my Armenian fantasy; (the fall-out of which, left me very sick for a week).

– –

Other than that, I submitted my Hugo Awards ballot today.  I’ve spent the last month and a half trying to snarf everything down in time to vote. *amused*  I only managed to vote in 9 of the categories, but that, too, is an accomplishment.  I was actually surprised to find myself disappointed by a lot of what was there.  But I did find some good gems, too.

I also joined Critters.org.  I realized this month that everyone who used to alpha or beta-read for me is now insanely busy. So I decided to join up and, in exchange for a crit a week, buy myself the security of having someone who will be forced to help me one day. Mwahahahaa….

Also, yep, still alpha-reading for Mary Robinette Kowal. I did a reread there, as well, to get my head screwed on straight again after some overhaul changes.

Lastly, a friend of mine is running a ghost story, and that started up last week.

Yeah. Lots of projects. Really busy.  Hopefully I can do a better job at cutting back so I don’t burn myself out again. That’s partly why I’m going to take a break for the rest of the month. See what happens. Breathe deep.


One response to “July Summary

  • Joe Vasicek

    Hey, that’s not too bad, all things considered. I guess it doesn’t really matter how much you write, just whether you’re still writing or not.

    And if you want me to be a test reader for anything, just let me know!

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