WorldCon 2011!

Well, WorldCon is now officially ended. I saw a lot of authors I recognized and friends and connections from various places.  I didn’t–or barely–spoke to anyone, but health made that fairly impossible. (So if you were expecting riveting conversation from me, I apologize. That is what writing is for these days.)  Still! My goals were to test the waters of a larger convention, get courage to plunge in for real when my health’s improved and I’m ready to submit something larger than a short story, see M Williams, have a fun time with her and show her the ropes to the publishing world, and attend a lot of fun, interesting, and informative panels.  And you know what? I accomplished all of those goals!  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  I might have been a zombie, but zombies are welcome at WorldCon, and when not sitting, resting and listening to the pros, I was listening to an audiobook, chilling with M Williams, or sleeping.

Speaking of sleep, I should go do that now. More later.


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