Short Fiction Guide

Edited to Add, January 2020: This post continues to be popular, but it is SO out-of-date. For a continuously up-to-date free resource on short fiction markets, check out


So it has come to my attention that there is a general lack of knowledge of where to find good short fiction these days.  So allow me to oblige by sharing my list! I have it all logged into Sonar, my freeware submissions-tracking program.

Also, note: I’ll be adding links to Barnes&Noble/Nook subscriptions and Smashwords later.

Delivered by E-mail:

Daily Science Fiction. SF&F. [website][submissions](Free!)  Delivered straight to your inbox, Monday through Friday.  Most of the stories are flash fiction length or shorter. Fridays the stories are longer.


Digital and Print Magazines (alphabetical):

Analog Science Fiction & Fact. SF. [website][submissions][Kindle subscription]

Apex Magazine. Dark&Horror. [website][submissions][Amazon]

Asimov’s. SF. [website][submissions][Kindle subscription]

Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Adventure F. [website][submissions][Amazon]

Clarkesworld Magazine. SF&F. [website][submissions] [Kindle subscription]

Cosmos Magazine. SF. [website][submissions]

Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine. SF&F. [website][submissions][Kindle subscription]

Fantasy Magazine. F. [website][submissions][Amazon]

Hub Magazine. SF&F&H. [website][submissions]

Ideomancer. SF&F&Horror. [website][submissions]

Kunlun Journal. Chinese Historical. [website]

Lightspeed Magazine. SF. [website][submissions][Amazon]

Onirismes. Bilingual French SF&F. [website][submissions]

OSC’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. SF&F. [website][submissions][Amazon]

Ray Gun Revival. SF. [website][submissions]

Realms of Fantasy Magazine. F. [website][submissions][Amazon]

Shimmer. Dark. [website][submissions]

Strange Horizons. SF&F. [website][submissions] SF&F. [website][submissions]

Weird Tales. Dark. [website][submissions][Amazon]

Wily Writers. SF&F&H. [website][submissions]


Print Only:

Cicada Magazine. [website][submissions]

L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future. SF&F. [website][submissions][Amazon]

The Leading Edge Magazine. SF&F. [website][submissions]


Audio Only:

Cast Macabre. H. [website][submissions]

Cast of Wonders. YA SF&F. [website][submissions]

Dark Fiction Magazine. H. [website][submissions]

Escape Pod. SF. [website][submissions]

PodCastle. F. [website][submissions]

Pseudopod. H. [website][submissions]


Anthology Requests for Submissions:

Wuxia Anthology. [website]

– – –

Please comment with any more you can think of. If I missed any subscriptions or helpful links, let me know.

Last Updated: September 2011.

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