Queen of the Eight Banners

I’m starting a new story. Awfully shocking, I know. I tend to do this far too often. (But I do finish things, too! Honest!)

C.N.Holmberg dared? encouraged? me to get a story into Writers of the Future by the end of September so we can compete against each other–er, have a story in the same quarter together.

Months ago I started The Harvest Mask only to come to a screeching halt when I encountered a huge hole in my politics and worldbuilding.  Well, I’ve filled the hole…with a new story.  So, I’m going to write that story to lay the groundwork for the rest.  This story also spawns two more stories set in the same world. (In case I needed any more ideas….)

It’s a story that is also very important to me, so for all intents and purposes I’m going to be halting major work on my other projects to get a draft of this done.

I have been wanting to write about my chronic illness.  I just couldn’t figure out a story that wouldn’t be absolutely boring. Illnesses aren’t the most exciting things in the world.  Wake up, groan, feel ill, roll over and go back to bed. Next day, take two! Uh uh. Nope. Not exciting enough for me.

Well, now I’ve found a story that fits everything I need it to do!  It also breaks…so many literary rules that… well….

Tentatively entitled, “Queen of the Eight Banners.” Let’s see how this goes.

4 responses to “Queen of the Eight Banners

  • Joe Vasicek

    There’s never enough time to write everything you want to write, is there? Good luck!

  • Charlie

    Whoah, the blender of your storymaking has just exploded. 😉 I’m a little jealous. (Invite me over for smoothies?)

    But it would be great for you to enter this quarter! (And then console me when you win and I don’t XD)

    And hey, did you ever get my last email? I haven’t heard back from you–I can bring that book by tomorrow (I’ll be in the area) if you shoot me your address.

    • Laura

      That is a very good analogy. The mess image is particularly appropriate. I feel like I have to write a draft just to see what exactly happened. *amused*

      I’m going to try, anyway! We’ll see what happens. I think I can get a rough draft done but subsequent drafts might carry me over the deadline. We’ll see. *fingers crossed*

      And sorry about the late reply! Illness has kept me mostly offline these past few days.

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