Script found!

Title Image

An experiment in graphic storytelling, 2006-07

I found the rest of the script! So I typed it up into a Google document and tinkered with it as I went.  Though the script is basically the same and ends in the same spot, the world and characterization are much richer with significant additions–and, well, it is much more awesome now.

Yes, I am rather excited about it.  Since my drawing improves when I work on comics more than it does when I’m just doodling, I am going to start drawing pages again. I’m not sure what the update schedule is going to look like, or even if I’ll be able to update on a regular basis or just when I get the whole thing done.  Right now I have a free trial of Photoshop CS5 which is great–but it will expire in a week. After that, I won’t have any art programs at all. I’ll have to figure something out.

I also know I’m going to be rusty. My style will probably have changed some. I was a better artist at the end of 2007 than I am now, but you win some you lose some.

So, yes! Maze of Mirrors is back on the radar.  I apparently can’t do “secret projects” or this would be mine, considering I can’t promise to have anything to show for a while….  *amused*


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