August & September Report

Due to two large events that cut holes into my time and energy, I’m combining months to report on.  August 12-27 I was gone visiting M Williams and we road-tripped to WorldCon in Reno. It took me about two weeks to recover my health and energy after that.  Then September 22-27, my Grandmother whom I am staying with left to help care for her newest grandbaby, leaving me to care for my Grandfather who has dementia.  I’ve taken care of sick people while having CFS myself before–and yes, it was just as exhausting as the first time.  So I’m back on the road to recovering my strength from that.

With that explanation, numbers for the combined months look like this:

Hours: 19

Words: 5.5k

So, a lot more hours spent in development, research, and general exploring of ideas than actually writing.

Here’s another statistic for ya.  I started The Witch’s Tower in January 2009 and worked on it until June 2009 before I left for training to go to Armenia. At that time I was going to university full time (graduating, actually) and I had two jobs.  I wrote the same amount in that cluttered, overworked 6 months that I did from February to July of this year having a chronic illness. 30k each. Weird! But that’s an accurate summary.


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