Forgive the personal moment:

The worst part about being chronically ill is the inability to explain what it’s like to those who are not, (especially one that is 80% of the time invisible to others’ detection). A click of understanding is tangible. You feel when it’s there…and when it’s not. No matter the “good intentions” or the sympathy.

I remember being on the other side of the wall years ago, trying to understand my friends who were ill. How far away I was from understanding, though I really did try…. If there is one thing I would never trade, it is the knowledge I now have of what this is like.  In the mean time, I’ll keep trying to find ways to show, explain. It’s the least–and most–I can do for all the others who are suffering and will suffer this way.

Without understanding, there can only be loneliness….


4 responses to “Forgive the personal moment:

  • Joe Vasicek

    Wow, that’s got to suck–the loneliness as well as the sickness. I admire the fact that you can find anything positive in it at all. I hope you can be patient with those of us who try to understand, even when we fail.

    • Laura

      Being chronically ill is definitely a good way to learn patience. Patience with yourself, patience with others, patience with healing. The more I need to be patient the more I’m grateful that patience is such a good skill to have. Hehe.

  • Erin Wood

    Though I can’t claim to know what it is like to be chronically ill, I remember when I had shingles and was in constant pain for weeks. It really gave me a deeper understanding of those who suffer with chronic pain and how challenging it can be. I am glad to have found your blog and be able to keep up with you.

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