It’s all about the why.

There have been a lot of people talking about author and writer blogs recently and why we should blog and what we should blog about.

So, I thought I would be open about my blogging and lay down the lines as I see them for this blog. Just so we’re clear.

This blog is my means of staying organized and keeping me going. In the face of the difficulties surrounding my illness, it’s a drug against depression. Keep those Determination fires going.  I am not actively seeking a large following of readers. As a slow-working writer and a translator, I have nothing to show them at this point. If I post my blog updates on Facebook or G+ it is so my friends and family who don’t have an RSS feeder know I’ve made an update, but I’m so leery about spamming people who are not interested that I only mention perhaps 1/2 or 1/3 posts.

There are many topics I feel strongly about. In the mean time as I work on my writing and translation, I will post these so that I can shape that small corner of the world I still have an effect on.

But this blog is a far cry from a professional one. You will know immediately by its URL that it’s completely amateur. That’s okay. I did this intentionally.  When I have something presentable, something I’m proud to share with the larger world, I will get my professional presence ready. For now, it’s in the planning stages.

So if you’ve stopped by because someone has referred you and found nothing satisfying enough to hold your attention, I am not offended.  Nor am I disheartened or discouraged.  There is nothing holding you to me. We are strangers. You do not know the lives the people in my head are leading–yet. You have no reason to care.  That is okay, I promise.

But in the mean time, thank you for stopping by.  I hope a word here or there will catch your attention, that you will stop and think about the world in a new way.  That will make me smile.

And now, to keep counting down to my MRI. Medical tests make me so nervous. And excited. Nervously excited.


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