The more it means, the harder it gets.

So, this past month I’ve been mostly MIA.  Most of that was/is due to burn-out. I’ve been doing a project with/for a friend of mine as she finishes up the school year and I have had little or no energy for projects of my own.

But in some ways the break has been good. Queen of the Eight Banners is a very hard story to write, I’ve found, because it is so personal and so important to me.  About a week ago I caved and made M. Williams read it over for me, just because I could not see if it was even working or not. My vision of what it needs to be compared to what it is is so skewed that I’ve been wanting to just give up on it.

Also, it is an intense story, and since I haven’t had much energy for it, I haven’t been able to give it what it needs.

But now I am rebalancing my life, my projects, my energy levels and health, and I’m going to pick it up again. I’m not going to stress about it (hopefully), I’m not going to worry. I’m just going to let it write itself, see where the story goes, what it needs, what shape it forms.

Let’s try this again.

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