2011 in Review

Feeling small?


Total hours for December: 5

Total hours for the year: 131

(Divide that into 20 hr work weeks, and I’ve worked 6.5 weeks out of the year, part-time.)

These last six months I’ve really slowed down.  My goal is to get back into a better semblance of balance between my own projects and projects for others so that I can start making some real, identifiable progress again.

Otherwise, I attended my first WorldCon at Reno, Nevada in August, and we’re tentatively planning on attending the 2012 one in Chicago.  I am planning to attend LTUE in February, I think, as well.


Published books read in 2011: 45

Books Alpha’d or Beta’d: 3 (Passing Fair by Mary Robinette Kowal, Desert Stars by Joe Vasicek, and currently Without A Summer by Mary Robinette Kowal).


I’m 80% done with my monolingual edits which I started in July. These I’ll compare to the bilingual edits I’ve already received, do a pass of bilingual edits based off of the questions the monolinguals have raised,  then really dig into a new draft of Andromeda.

Goals Accomplished:

I started up this blog. I submitted a story to Writer’s of the Future. I attended WorldCon with one of my best friends, which was a major goal of mine.  I’ve had two short stories and a poem on submission, and one of those short stories has been accepted for publication at a paying market in 2012.   I started writing a story using my experiences with my chronic illness as a base, Queen of the Eight Banners.  Finally, I received a lot of needed research materials as Christmas presents that will go towards my Armenian fantasy which I’ll write after my current WIP.


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