Thought fodder.

This week has been a tough one, health-wise, so have some links instead of original content.

Shannon Hale’s Savory Story (TM): Now stuffed with meaning! is proof that there is more than one way to construct a story–and that any kind of story can have worth, to those silly English teachers who think otherwise.

In other news, this thing is still going around–and it’s still as pertinent now as it was a year ago.

Strangely enough, this blog has taught me a lot about writing non-fiction. I, frankly, used to suck at it. I just didn’t get how to make article-writing interesting. The trick for me now seems to be “pretend I’m writing a blog” and then suddenly writing non-fiction articles isn’t as hard. Weird. And, as if  on cue, this post came up. Food for thought.

Also, for you writers out there, there is a critique auction going on at Pat Rothfuss’ blog. Even if you don’t go for it, it’s still useful information on who is doing what out there.

Lastly, Kris Rusch’s Will work for cheap and Why not? posts are must-reads for writers. Just be sure to keep this in mind.


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