January Report

After a year–a WHOLE YEAR–of trial and error, I finally found a writing-scheme that works for me.

The result is 16 hours spent writing this month, and an increase of 4k, which, granted, is not the best I’ve ever done in a month, but this novella is freaking hard to write and now I at least have a daily writing method that works to keep me chipping away at it.  Queen of the Eight Banners is now at 11k in total, and I think I am on track to keep it at or below a 25k finish line. We shall see!

In other news, I am sooooo close to finishing my monolingual translation edits.  I think I have 10 pages left.  Soooo close and yet soooo far away because, like any project, you rush at the end and don’t do as good a job as your favorite parts along the way, so these are going to be some hard pages to fix. Huzzah?

Otherwise, BAD HEALTH MONTH. Yegads.


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