Mail Riddles

Birthday Riddle

As part of Letter-writing Month, I wanted to start a series of post to prove to you how awesome the handwritten word can be.  For example:

How often do you get riddles in the mail? How cool is that?

This is what I got as part of my birthday package in January. A friend of mine has a head for puzzles and riddles. She is also very talented in the arts.  Now, think about someone sending you a riddle via e-mail.  Is it as cool as what she did? No!  And are you jealous of my riddle? Of course you are!

It’s not too late to start writing letters! Just because February 1st has come and gone doesn’t mean you can’t start enjoying the handwritten word today!  (ETA: Haha, yes, I am not a publicist–that is horrible persuasive writing.)


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