Show n Tell 1

Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker

Yes, I happen to know Mr. Sanderson. Once upon a time he used to know me by first name, too! It’s been a few years since I’ve been local, however, but I saw him at WorldCon and he still recognized me.  (I promise I will stop name-dropping now!)

The POINT of the above is to direct you to what he inscribed in the book:

“Keep working–keep writing. Don’t give up!!!”

That book and those words are never going away. They also take up the whole title page, and they are in his handwriting.

Somehow, someway handwriting makes his encouragement doubly potent.  He wants me to succeed! He took the time to write that out! There it is. In black marker.

Think about the difference that you can make in the world, just by writing a short handwritten note to someone. Think about how you can impact not just their day–but their life.

I will never forget that he cared enough about my writing and my future to write that.


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