February 2012 Report

So, though my hours and wordcount are skimpy this month due to busyness & resulting health reasons, take a look at other progress:

  1. A main character has a new (and much better) name in The Witch’s Tower, brought to you by adapted 17th Century and French fairy tale research.
  2. The sequel/prequel to The Witch’s Tower and retelling of Cupid&Psyche now has a working title: God’s Arrows.  Azeis (Psyche) is a fletcher’s daughter and makes the arrows that Ser (Cupid) uses and that’s how our story begins–and more.  This means that “Of Gods & Witches” is now the working series title.
  3. Starting research into writing an biographical excerpt on Pierre Corneille led me to stumble into helpful research into my France 1810 mystery–and now I have an interesting subplot idea!
  4. I set up a pinterest account for research purposes.  I also have a twitter account now, which completely baffles me.
  5. Attended LTUE.  Now I have some idea how to revise The Miller’s Daughter, and I discovered why I love subplots so much and now know how to talk about them analytically–which has turned out to be extremely useful, much more than I’d thought when I wrote down those notes.
  6. I met Mary Robinette Kowal, whom I’ve twice alpha-read for.
  7. This little website got updated: Storybox, Translation, & (new) Bibliography.
  8. Month of Letters–I started and finished! I will post up my badge of completion.
  9. Finished my first pass of monolingual edits on Andromeda. Huzzah!  Slowly but surely this project is coming along. Essentially this amounted to line-edits for 80 pages, where nearly every line of text changed in some way.
  10. Making some progress on catching up on my reading and general research, so that’s good.

Now to see what I can accomplish in March. Hopefully–hopefully–I will finally complete a draft of Queen of the Eight Banners.  That would be lovely.  Otherwise, I’m going to be alpha-reading a YA fantasy, and plunging into some bilingual edits for Andromeda.

2 responses to “February 2012 Report

  • Eileen Rhoadarmer - Science Fiction Mommy

    Progress is always good, even slow or skimpy progress. I always feel good if I do even a little writing. It looks to me like you accomplished a lot.

    Nice to meet you, by the way. I always love to check out the blogs of fellow writers.

    • Laura

      Yeah, I have to tell myself that crawling is still moving forward. Even if it takes me 6 months to write 10k on a story, (which it has), that’s still further than I was 6 months ago. And if the wordcount meter doesn’t go up in a particular month, I try to stay adaptable in what I decide to measure, so that my expectations of myself don’t weigh me down.

      Nice to meet you, too! Thank you for your comment, and good luck on your projects.

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