Feb&March 2012 Report

Combined hours: 16

Combined word count: 4k

Yep, February and March combined = January’s exact statistics.  However, February was productive in other ways, and March I managed to write another short story on the side (Starspun) and I also finally finished Part One of Queen of the Eight Banners. Finally! Now to work on finishing Part Two and Part Three (both are partially done).  Some stories are easy to write, some stories are hard. This is definitely a very hard story, which is partly why it’s taking me forever to write it.

But if you want an example of fun health, I wrote my 1.3k short story Starspun in about an hour and a half. By the end I was rather delirious, I threw up, and then I was stuck in bed the rest of the day.

Yeah, writing takes a lot out of me.  So does reading, actually.  Sometimes I push myself because it’s important, such as capturing Starspun all within one sitting while I still had a hold on it. Most times I work within my limits, and hour and wordcounts are small.


2 responses to “Feb&March 2012 Report

  • Charlie Holmberg

    So glad you finished a short story! But no fun that you’re sick doing it. :/ Hope your writing keeps chugging forward! And I’m glad you’re working on the Queen of Eight Banners, I remember that one sounding interesting.

    Side note: I heard about the Murray city prize in the newspaper–there’s a small paper that’s delivered once a month to our house that I rarely look at, but this time I did. The contest was listed on the Murray City site, too, so I bet if you look around you’d find something where you are! (Check libraries, too!)

    • Laura

      Oh, excellent! I’ll have to poke around and see what I can dig up by way of local contests. That’s definitely heartening. Thanks for letting me know! Also, congratulations and happy (late) birthday! 😀

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