Two “new” pages!

Title Image

An experiment in graphic storytelling, 2006-07

I’m rather upset that WordPress changed their image-file gallery viewing method, so I’m caving and am going to archive my comic images on my deviantART account.  I’ll still post images here, but if you want to see the images larger you will have to click on “Permanent link” once you’re in the gallery carousel.

Page 12 I drew in 2007 but inked and lettered in 2011.  Page 13 I started sketching in 2011 and finally gave up trying to get the anatomy right and inked this week.   (Ignore how the text is a different font per page…)

One of my weaknesses with my illness is I have a much more difficult time visualizing things. This hinders me in my writing (I have to work twice as hard as I used to writing descriptions and coming up with visual layouts and blocking) but especially in my drawing.  The process is much longer and much more arduous with much more erasing and trying again, though I hope the results are at least somewhat the same.

Anyway, neither are perfect, but “imperfect” is better than “never”.  Thank goodness this is just an experiment….

(Don’t remember what’s happened? Click here.)


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