Bilingual edits, begin!

Bilingual edits for Andromeda

Original text – Finished August 2008 for a class, got me a job translating for a textbook.

Red- Monolingual notes, flags, and edits, started July 2011 and finished in February 2012.

Green- Bilingual edits, started May 2012.  A lot more mistakes in the rough draft than I’d thought, oops.

I’m so glad I’m making all my notes and changes on one document rather than fixing the electronic copy as I go. It’s going to save me a lot of time….

Let’s see, if I shoot for a page a day, I can finish sometime in August. Here goes nothing!


2 responses to “Bilingual edits, begin!

  • Joe Vasicek

    So you’re working as a freelance translator now? That’s great! I hope it’s working out at a pace that better suits you than full-time or part-time work. Good luck!

    • Laura

      Naw, I’d die if I did freelance. Freelance translation is all rush-jobs on stupid deadlines, since by the time companies are hiring translators they’re already running late. *amused*

      This is my own project. A book I translated back in 2008 that I’m cleaning up and preparing to indie publish, because there’s a real lack of translated literature out there and publishers only seem to want the same “classic” titles over and over….

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