E-book Offenders

In light of my annoyance with the recent claims by traditional publishers as regards to quality vs. their repeated eye-offenders in various e-books I’ve encountered produced by them, I posted the following on Twitter and Facebook:

I’m starting a list of publishers who can’t bother to proof-read their e-books. If you want to add to the list, let me know. This includes egregious formatting errors, beyond the normal amount of spelling mistakes, strange word replacements, and so on. Let me know the book and the publisher, so I know not to double up strikes.

I want to state here that I’m not just grousing, I’m pro-active. I’ve already e-mailed publishers to notify them of those e-books on my list, and I am willing to continue to do so to fix the problem.

Please, I’ve talked to many of you and you’ve seen the same trend. If you recall what books they were or if you encounter any more, please tell me. Either here in the comments, via Twitter, G+, Facebook note, or e-mail.

Tell me the title, who it’s by, and a general diagnosis of the problem. I can do the rest.

Here’s to improving the world, one e-book at a time.


2 responses to “E-book Offenders

  • Charlie Holmberg

    I’m glad you actually contact them! Way to practice quality assurance.

    • Laura

      Yeah, I learned that authors don’t have much control over what happens to their e-books, and if there’s a problem–well, not much they can do. So this is something I figure as a valued-customer I have the power to at least try to do. Here’s hoping! One author who knew about it was grateful I contacted her publisher on her behalf, at least. So that’s good. *nods*

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