A week-long vacation on the East Coast for a wedding has worn me out a lot, lot more than I originally expected, so the remaining couple of posts in this CFS series have been delayed. Yeah, I feel like I’m stating the obvious, however I also meant to add that a further delay should be expected as these posts take me quite a while to write. So, my self-appointed awareness “month” will get an extension into August.

I guess that was all an FYI, but it also serves as a reality-check that works with the blog series’ theme.  When I wasn’t helping out with wedding things, I was dead asleep or zoned out on the couch watching Terry Pratchett movies and/or dozing.  I never even opened my laptop. I was just too bone-weary.

I could probably also say here, in the spirit of killing two poor birds with one stone, that August is looking like a month of alpha-reading, finishing this blog series, tackling part 4 of Queen of the Eight Banners, and WorldCON: all of which makes me grin with slow, tired-turtle anticipation. Mmmmmm.



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