Title the Book

With my previous posts on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I wasn’t really looking for feedback.  This time I am, because it occurred to me about a week ago (as I write this on August 10th) that not only should I collect all my posts in one place on my blog, but I should publish and distribute these as a free e-book.  I’m going to have to stagger out editing and cover art costs, but I thought this is where I could really use your help in the meantime.

I’ve been brainstorming book title ideas, based on the posts’ themes.  Help me decide?  And if you have any other suggestions, or you’d like to comment in general, please do so.  I’m also interested to know if there’s any other topics you want me to address that I’ve missed. Any particular questions about what it’s like to live with my chronic illness, and so on.

I should note: If I’m able to get other contributors–which I really hope I can–I’ll probably change any reference to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the title to simply “Chronic Illness.”  The exception would be the Sleeping Beauty title, which I could modify to “Not Quite Sleeping Beauty: Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and other tales.”  Yeah, it’d be long, but doable.  The subtitle wouldn’t have to be on the cover, itself, but the inside title page, for example.  And then of course, there are other possible adaptations for multiple contributors for the title options above.


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