Choice of Legend

Okay, so… as I sit here writing this (on August 15), I have an embarrassing–but exciting–confession to make.   Embarrassing because I’ve yet another project to tinker on now–exciting because, well, it’s awesome.

I am currently, as of yesterday, writing a choose-your-own-adventure game set to the game-script tune of Choice of Games.  I’ve been wanting to give their process a shot for about a year now, and now I have a reason to. Well, multiple reasons, but the main one, and the one that let me allow myself to start yet another project is in part 4 of Queen of the Eight Banners my current WIP, I’m missing several things.

One of the things I’m missing before I can write it is the legend back-story of two characters.  I’ve been stumped about its details for, well, months.  Then I read Choice of Games’ latest addition to their collection, Heroes Rise.  And,  one, I was blown away by how awesome their games are all over again, and two, I returned to look over their instructions for how to use the techniques they’ve developed to create their games.

And I realized I could do it, and I realized how much I really miss designing and programming things.

Then I looked deeper into their story/game-design process, started doing it myself and all of a sudden, the exact pieces I needed for these two characters were falling into my lap.

They recommend starting with a game that’s 8-12 vignettes.  I have a working game-design that’s 8 vignettes now, though I’ll be adding more to flesh out the middle.  But it’s so exciting to have a working beginning, middle, and end.   The mechanics are also coming together really well, too.  I’m having a blast.

So, now I have a game in development tentatively entitled “Legend of Little Fox” set in the same world as Queen of the Eight Banners, just several hundred years in the past.  You choose how the legend unfolds, who the heroine is, and how (if?) she saves her people.

Oh my goodness, so much fun!  And once I finish this game and learn the ropes, I’ll be up for collaboration projects, as a few of you have suggested.


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