Status Update

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An experiment in graphic storytelling, 2006-07

So, I said I was starting up Maze of Mirrors again, I posted two new pages, and…then nothing happened.   My explanation is scanner-related.  We have a scanner, but its face is a lot smaller than my sketchbook, and it’s a huge hassle to try to not let the page be shadowed and to, well, get a good scan.  I’m frankly a bit tired of wrestling with it.

My good news is I just found out that I’m indeed getting a drawing tablet for Christmas, which I’ve wanted for about 10 years now so FINALLY I’ll stop having to be completely dependent on a scanner for sharing my art online. (It’s been my main hang-up for the past 5 years.)  So, count this as another hiatus, but in the meantime I’ll be finalizing the script and getting ready to have some art fun.  I really enjoy comics. They challenge me, give me something story-driven to draw, and even if I’m not a great artist…well, it’s still fun.

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