NaNoWriMo Goals

Okay, this year I’m going to do NaNoWriMo. After talking it over with a friend, we’ve decided on an alternate goal (from the normal 50k novel in a month) to adapt to my situation.

For NaNoWriMo, I’m going to write up the choice-of game and shoot for a goal of 20k.

One of my major problems with my attempts in previous years is that I never factered in the days I would be gone and unable to write anything.  If I remember correctly, the first year I tried was November 2006 when I lived in France and I was gone every weekend.  That was 3 days out of each week that I didn’t write.  I finished the month with something like 25-27k, though I came out of the experience with a lot more knowledge about how NOT to write.  I had no outline, I had only vague ideas of plot, setting, and characters.  I learned that I really can’t make it all up on the spot and still expect myself to write a lot or write well.

I tried again a few years later, but again I forgot to plan for Sundays and Thanksgiving off–at the very least. Not to mention university, gearing up for end-of-semester projects and tests.

I didn’t do it last year because of illness related issues.  Those same issues still exist this year, but with the game I think I may have something structured enough that I can pull this off, especially if I –

  1. Finish my game outline this month so that all major story decisions are plotted out, I just have to color in the outline.  Do as much prep work as I possibly can, in other words, so that all I have to worry about in November is the actual writing.
  2. Plan for the days I won’t write. 4 Sundays + Thanksgiving = 30 – 5 days = 25 days.  There will probably be dead-sick days in there, too, so let’s say another 5 days.  25- 5 = 20 days.
  3.  I can’t write 1k in one sitting, not without wiping myself completely out.  2k a day will be too much to hope for.  But maybe I can write 1k a day divided into 2 writing sessions?  So, 500 words when I wake up, 500 before I go to bed. That should give me enough time between sessions to recover.

And this is a reminder to myself that if I don’t make it, then I don’t make it.  Whatever I manage to get done, I can count towards progress.

NaNoWriMo game-writing 20k. Here I come!


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