Alright, self. No posting on this blog during NaNoWriMo.  I may post occasionally on my history&translation blog, but here? No.

I leave you with this meter, and I’ll see you in December!  Good luck!

Here’s a key for those who’ve asked:
Red: Nothing written.
Orange: Less than 1k written.
Yellow: 1k+ written (= my own personal goal achieved)
Green: 1,667+ written (NaNoWriMo’s daily wordcount goal achieved)

– – –

ETA: On Wednesday November 28, I broke my goal of 20k, achieving 20,158 words.

To celebrate and declare myself an official winner, I am adding my 6k planning document and 25k (so far) novella set in the same world.  I don’t normally do this if I haven’t reached 50k, but this year’s circumstances are different. I couldn’t physically have reached 50k due to health reasons. I barely was able to reach 20k without keeling over.


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