A week of hard posts.

Okay, this is a warning post about Thursday’s and Friday’s posts. Particular about Thursday’s. I wrote it during the summer sometime, I can’t recall when.  Friday’s I wrote in November.  They seem to be two halves of the same or similar coin, so I’m going to put them together and get them over with.

I wasn’t going to post Thursday’s at all. I keep pushing it off, but then I saw Mary’s post about the same topic up this month and I thought that if the topic is in the zeitgeist, that I should put mine up, too, because it means it needs to be talked about.

I don’t want you to dismiss Thursday’s topic. It happens all the time, to many people, and it is really hurtful.

But Friday’s post is written more gently I think, so if you’d rather not read something sharp, read that one.


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