2013 Goals

January is a time for being ambitious. So, here are my ambitions (whether or not they’re realistic):

Writing Goals:

I would really like to get up to writing 20k a month, that would be nice.  Then I can complete a novel’s rough draft in 6 months if all goes well.  (The only way I could do that, though, is if I fully recover from my chronic illness. Hey, a girl can dream.)

Completely finish Queen of the Eight Banners.

Finish my game Legend of Little Fox.

Complete draft of The Witch’s Tower.

Continue research for my historical mystery trilogy.

Don’t worry about any short stories or submissions.  Just work on drafts and improving those drafts this year.  I want 2013 to be the year of finishing things.

Translation Goals:

Completely finish Andromeda and Persinette.  Perhaps even a draft of Prettier-than-Fey.

Take a class or two offered by a top literary translator.

Reading Goals:

Read 45 new books this year, 5 of which are literary translations, 5 of which are nonfiction, and 5 in French. I really need to get my brain able to focus on foreign languages better again.


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