SF&F Novella Guide

As a sort of follow-up to my Short Fiction Guide, I’m going to work on collecting places that publish novellas. Since, y’know, they’re hard to find if DIY isn’t an option.

For this list’s purposes, novella means 17.5k to 40k words.  Plenty of places publish novelettes, (up to 17.5k), novellas are trickier. So, here goes!

Magazines, Semi-pro & pro rates:

Asimov’s. SF. (25k limit) [website][submissions]

Electric Velocipede. SF&F. (40k limit) [website][submissions]

Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine. SF&F. (25k limit) [website][submissions]

OSC’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. SF&F. (no word limit) [website][submissions]

Small Presses:

Dagan Press. SF&F&H. (17.5k-40k) [website][novella submissions] Pay: 50% net royalty.

World Weaver Press.  SF&F. (20k-130k) [website][submissions] Pay: 39% net royalty.

– – –

Any others you know about? Comment and let me know! I’ll keep adding to this list.


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