Month of Letters

LetterMo2012winnerI won’t be participating in Month of Letters this year, but I want to encourage all of you to give it a try. I absolutely loved participating last year and the experience was well worth it.

What is it? Basically, for every day the post runs, starting February 1st, you send something to someone else the old-fashioned way. It can be a letter, post-card, short note, picture, newspaper clipping, whathaveyou.  And as part of that, you write back to everyone who writes you.

There is something lacking in writing an e-mail that you won’t experience until you’ve sat down to handwrite a letter.  The only reason why I’m not doing it this year is because with my chronic illness, I have very limited stores of energy. I need my energy in February for something else, and I’m already writing epic-long letters once a week to my friend in Peace Corps.

This is the second year it’s running, and already there are many more resources available to help out the endeavor, including an easy way to request addresses from friends, and so on. So, how about it? Are you participating?


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