A Head’s Up

This post is going to be a mix of goals and a (boring but obligatory) head’s up.

Starting April 22, I’m going to be taking a 6-week literary translation course to brush up some of my skills and hopefully take them to the next level.   What this means is that the next few months will be a lot of mopping up and clearing my plate so that I can concentrate on my coursework.

So what does this mean for you?

  • If I’ve agreed to alpha- or beta-read for you, I am hoping to get that to you completed before April 22.
  • I won’t be taking on any new alpha/beta-reading projects besides the ones I’ve already agreed to do.
  • My blog posts for the next five months are probably going to continue to be scarce.
  • I finally have a design I like for my translation website, and I’m going to be enacting that soon.
  • I’m hoping to finish writing part 4 of my novella by the end of this month and part 5 by the end of April.  If I can pull this off, then in May I will make a request for beta-readers.

Thanks for your time and consideration! Wish me luck.


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