Non-fiction writing

You’ve probably noticed I’ve started writing about my chronic illness experiences again lately. This is because I’m gearing up to compile all of last year’s posts on CFS and revise them this summer to make into a free e-book, so the topic’s on my mind as I think about what I have already written and what puzzle-piece gaps are still left to fill.

But I know some of you are asking–why an e-book? And why free?

Well, one, I don’t foresee making enough money to live off of, just enough to mess up my financial situation as it is currently. (Anything more than $20 would be problematic. Crazy, huh?)  Two, I don’t like the idea of charging people money to learn about what it’s like to live with a chronic illness. That seems counter-intuitive.  I want this to be like a pamphlet you hand out on the street, or an information packet you grab at a museum or doctor’s office.

Originally, I’d wanted to get contributors to add to the book, but I don’t think that’s quite right for this project.  Maybe in the future I will make an anthology of sorts and invite paid contributors (since I’ve compiled quite a list of writers who’ve been in similar situations), but not this year and not this book.

So! Expect to see some posts off and on as I think about what else I’d like to add.  If you have any questions, now’s the time to ask them.

– –

As a contrast to the above, I have a new non-fiction book project. I’ve never seen myself as a non-fiction writer, but this book has been in my brain-gears for a couple years.  I just was in denial about wanting/needing to write it until last week when someone I respect told me that I should, without even being asked.  It felt like the stars aligning–again.  This one will be very different from the CFS book, and I won’t be able to put it up in blog-sized chunks because he challenged me to send this one to a publisher and I’m going to take that challenge.  That’s all I will say about it here, but I’m rather excited!  I’ll begin serious work on it this summer after I’ve finished the CFS book, but I’ve already started the preliminaries and have a working table of contents. Can’t wait!

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